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makeup/skincare HAUL! 😊😄😍

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Jonghyun’s Twitter Update 29.08.14


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Thornapple is the guest today and there are 2 of them on the show although they have 4 members. Jong asked about age difference in members and the oldest member said the other 3 are born im the 90s.
J: Oh then thats about the same age as I am.
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140829 Jonghyun, Key, Minho, Taemin @ The 52nd Kyungpook Conference ‘Opening Ceremony’

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J: Some thing like that happened to me too, as I think of myself as a vocalist or singer when my condition is bad I get really depressed. Everyone's throat condition gets different every day, but when that happens I get very upset.
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Artist: Kim Jonghyun
Track: "파! 파! 파!"
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140828 뮤지컬조로 키에고 커튼콜2 (4pm)

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