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Daddy, daddy


Ooh child, ooh now


Yes lord


Damn baby


You’re driving me cray, cray


You ain’t right for doing it to me like that, daddy


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[HQ] Jonghyun@140815 SM TOWN [P1]

Cre: April Dream

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[HQ] Jonghyun@140815 SM TOWN [P2]

Cre: April Dream

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[HQ] Jonghyun@140815 SM TOWN [P6]

Cre: April Dream

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[PHOTO] Dazed korea update - with Taemin - 

Credit: Dazed & Confused KR 

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Anonymous said: Why dont u just keep all the cards? It seems like u spent so long collecting them all, and its not like youll be in uni forever!~

If I keep them I know I’ll never stop collecting and I just don’t think its something that I want to keep investing time and money in. 

I loved collecting but after awhile it was kinda draining to keep up with it. A part of me wanted to keep at least jjongs cards but I knew if I kept a few I would want to keep all of them since I was a ot5 collector. 

Once I start shipping these out I would feel better but right now they’re just sitting there, pretty much begging me to put them back in the binders T.T

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Anonymous said: What are you gonna do if you dont sell all this stuff by the 25th? it seems like a lot to try and get rid of in 24 days! .o.

i really want them to all go before then but if not then wen i move i would have to bring them with me and try to keep selling. or have my sister sell it. cause the whole point is that i can’t bring all my SHINee stuff with me to UNI

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HUGE SHINee Sale part. 3: Preorder postcards, photos and more
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Random Onjongkey everysing photos
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Fire Preorder photo
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1000 years preorder photo
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20 Days of Shinee; D3 - Your Bias List Ruiner: ….The rest of Shinee….

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Key being smooth with the ladies
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